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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moveable Paintbox

Painting on the Spot
The Movable Paintbox

Here is a watercolor and ink painting completed as of July 17th at a gathering of artists at Paper Nautilus Books in Wayland Square. We had the opportunity to paint indoors or out. As is so often the case on the East Side, there was a sun filled gem of a garden at the rear of the store - a festival for the eyes.

The red pot, planted with a type of cactus, had what looked like a round eggplant colored "goiter" or blossom growing out of the cactus. (You had to see it to believe it.) There were also day lilies, shrubs, hostas, grasses, and several of the bluest, cobalt hydrangea imaginable.

I could have spent so much more time there.

"Paper Nautilus Books Garden"
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