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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Barrington RI Holiday Art Show

Barrington Public Library


Kindred Spirits Fine Art & Photography     

Holiday Art Show
"Give the Gift of Affordable Original Art!"

Barrington Public Library, Barrington, RI:  Beginning December 1st and running through the month of December, Gerri Bain and Mary Lou Conca of Kindred Spirits Fine Art & Photography are offering a great opportunity to make this a very special holiday season. Gerri and Mary Lou are exhibiting a combination of representational as well as abstract and impressionist art and photography which they hope will inspire you. 

Gerri has been painting for many years and has just begun to exhibit her work in various venues - the most recent of which was a successful showing of over 40 pieces of artwork at Hamilton House on the East Side of Providence during the months of July and August of this year.  Her current exhibit features a combination of landscape, floral and still life in what she describes as "vivid colors and shimmering lights" in watercolor,  acrylic and oil.  She also mixes media experimentally.  Brush stroke and distinctive play of light are important elements to her creative process.

She is a member of The Art Group of Northern RI, The Foxboro Artists Alliance, RI Watercolor Society, Attleboro Art Museum, Hamilton House and has donated work to The RI Art Connection.  She has enjoyed prior commission work creating children's subject matter and portraits of family homes and vacation houses.  Gerri is a former resident and now lives with her husband, Tom, in Lincoln.  This is the first of what she hopes will be an exciting opportunity to reconnect with old friends and neighbors and make new ones through the visual arts. 

Mary Lou is a photographer and also creates fine art.  She creates expressive pieces utilizing experimental combinations of watercolor, photography, paper, collage and found objects.  She says her past experiences and deep emotion play a large part in the creation of her artwork encompassing among other things, her love of animals, RI scenery and its flora and images of notable landmarks.  

As an artist,  she says she "sees a side of the world that is unique and always expanding".  She hopes to bring a viewer into a personally unique interpretation of her artwork and photography so that they are inspired, too.   Her professional life as a former RN and later in environmental science has had a bearing on how she approached individual care plans for patients and ultimately, a direct application to creating art within the context of the natural world.  Mary Lou's current project interest is monotyping. 

They hope you'll enjoy the show! 

Gerri's contact information is:  Primary: 401-334-6023 Mobile: 401-327-4337 and at

Mary Lou's contact information is:  Primary:  401-333-3350  Mobile:  401-474-0332 and

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