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Gifts, Donations and Installations

The Museum of Work and Culture
  Woonsocket, RI 
Gallery Show 
The Art Group of Northern RI
 July - August, 2015  

"Meteor", framed abstract in acrylic

"Chatham Cottage", oil on canvas NFS

"In the Fairy Woods", framed watercolor     

Donation to The Art Connection-RI
Available from July 1 - August 6, 2015
Gallery Night Reception July 18, 2015
"Cobalt", framed abstract watercolor
 Gifts to family, friends and grandchildren:  
"Margy's House", watercolor

"Mister John's House", watercolor

"Christmas in Red", watercolor
"Baby Owl", watercolor for Teah  
"Baby Panda". watercolor for Teah 

"Desert Blooms", watercolor

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