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A Quiet Voice for Relevance

A degree in liberal arts is so much more than biographical footnote.  And a masters in finance is a dichotomy truth be told. 

As a child, I loved all the stories my parents read to me in the popular Little Golden Books series, The Little Engine That Could,  my favorite, conjuring the primary colors. I remember reading biographies of famous young women from countless school libraries and following in my mother's footsteps into the many volumes of  the young "sleuth",  Nancy Drew. The first book about Nancy I ever read was The Password to Larkspur Lane,  remembering lavender, blue and cornflower. The seeds to the color of self-expression were sown. 

 I realized a passion so much so for writing my own stories, that when I was nine, I began weaving weekly spelling words into elaborate short stories.  I found creativity and grace in classical ballet and, later, modern dance with the balletic, disciplined conventions of classical ballet  thrown to the wind - positions askew and bodies in constant rhythmic sway.  Ballet is light like the air we breathe.  The dancer is tulle, pink,  angular and effortless - the story revealed in dance and classical music.   

Whether creating curriculum for docents at Roger Williams Park's Betsy Williams Cottage drawn from the rich RI history related to Roger Williams;  writing technical policy,  manuals, curriculums, white papers and legal documentation  in my profession in legal and financial services fields; or creating affordable housing for those in need, all become part of my own social and artistic tapestry.  

As an artist, I'm most drawn to the French Impressionists and to the contemporary style in the later works of Wolf Kahn - the former, for their unerring march towards revolution, focus on brush stroke and magical play of light.  The latter in the imaginative colors of landscapes turned upside down which are like no other.  I love their abstract qualities.

Personal artistic expression, I think, is one of vibrancy, color, movement, remembrance and often play.  It is one and all in a complicated ebb and flow of color, memory and compassion in an biographical footnote which I find so fulfilling.

Gerri Bain


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