A Gahering of Poets - "I Wish I Had Been There"

A Gathering of Poets

November 2, 2020

“I Wish I Had Been There”

As I write my heart

No longer writing in my cursive

Long flowing strokes

But tapping the keys

Sometimes gently

At times ferociously

Looking in the rear-view mirror

Settling into the monotony

Of these times

I am immersed in the shadows

Bringing light to the dusty rafters

Sweeping out the crannies

And hidden spaces

There for the taking

The unsung, the mysteries

Bring forth the energy

Opening long lost boxes and drawers

Light filling the frontal lobe

With messages, objects, narratives

Writing.  Writing my life,

Writing in Times New Roman

Writing in Calibri

Black and white

Discovering the gray of it

Once again

I wish I had been there

The joy of it.



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