Poetic Gallery

"All Arts are one, howe're distributed they stand;  Verse, tone, shape, color, form, are fingers on one hand." 
- William Wetmore Story   
"Watering Can in Color!", Framed Watercolor

"What artists call posterity is the posterity of the work of art."

-Marcel Proust

"Fall Compliments to Mr. Kahn 2", Acrylic on Canvas

"Fall Compliments to Mr. Kahn I", Acrylic on Canvas 

"Bird of Paradise",  Framed Watercolor

"Yellow bird up high in banana tree..."

-Lyrics by Oswald Durand
from "Chaucoune", 1883

"Midnight Desert",  Framed Oil on Canvas
"Midnight at the oasis,
send your camel to bed... ",
 lyrics by David Nichtern, performed by Maria Muldaur

"Collage on Canvas" (SOLD)

 "By the sea, by the sea by the beautiful sea..."

lyrics by Harrold Atteridge and music by Harry Carroll



Marsha said…

I'm smiling! This first Gallery is a delight...It presents an array of color and theme that makes me want more. My favorite is Fall Compliments to Mr. Kahn.


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