About the Artist..

Artistic expression for me means vibrancy, color, and movement, always with a sense of playfulness.  For me, brushstroke and angle in composition create light and dark in imaginative ways.  My artistic goal is aspirational - getting lost in the process of creating art.  

There is no greater joy in painting than producing something unexpected, much like "California Dreamin'?".  It is one of very few landscape paintings I completed well in advance of the environmental tragedy facing our western states every year. It has taken on a life of its own - an activist political message that has revealed the future, as I see it.  

I describe my artwork as demonstrative of the ebb and flow of my inner world.  Some friends have described my artistic style as expressionistic and, others, as more impressionistic. I take it as a lovely compliment.   


RI Watercolor Society
RISD Museum
Foxboro Artists Alliance
The Art Group of Northern RI
The RI Art Connection

“California Dreamin’?” Water media


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