Near and Far

"Winter's Sentinal II" acylic on canvas

"Nine Beaches Bermuda", acrylic on canvas

"Lighthouse II" watercolor
"Cape" watercolor

"Visit to Azores" framed oil on canvas 

"Winter's Sentinel" watercolor

"Winter Barn" watercolor

"First Christmas in Norwell" watercolor 
"Maine Coastline" acrylic on canvas

"NH Covered Bridge in Snow" acrylic on canvas (Sold)

"The Old Stone Bridge" watercolor

"Liquid Blue Abstract" watercolor

"Italian Birthplace" watercolor

"Irish Shanty" watercolor  

"Beach Rocks", watercolor

"Margy's House - Ft. Myers" watercolor (Sold)

"NH Covered Bridge II" watercolor

"Mister John's House - Clearwater" watercolor (Sold)



Marsha said…
First Christmas. The wreath captures my attention. Also, the house with the front section and back house, so reminiscent of old house from long ago.

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