Still Life

"A Nice Repast" watercolor

"Beloved Maine Coon" watercolor and guache

"Fish Pond" watercolor

"Crane" watercolor 

"Fallen Leaves" watercolor
"Parrot" framed  mixed media

"Hamilton House Empire Sofa" acrylic on canvas

"Jars" acrylic on canvas (sold)

"Billiards at Hamilton House - Not an Exit!" acrylic on canvas

"Gold Leaf and Mexico" acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

"Kitchen Table in Window" mixed media

"Citrus Perfusion" watercolor

"Flowers in Abstract" watercolor

"Shells and Bottle" acrylic on canvas

"Blue Vessels on Oriental" acrylic on canvas

"Abstract Floral" watercolor 

"Fall Vegetables I" watercolor


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